You may email anytime to info@PulseDanceNW.com, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. The studio is open during class hours, please view the class schedule. We will regularly update the website and send emails with important news. It is the parent or adult dancer’s responsibility to check emails and the website to be aware of what is happening at the studio.

Registration fee and tuition:

There is an annual registration fee of $25 per student and $10 per additional student in the immediate family. This is only for the regular dance session which begins in September and ends in June. The registration fee is due on the first day of class along with the first month’s tuition. Tuition is based on the weekly hours the dancer spends in class and is paid per month. Tuition payments remain the same each month, and due to the fact that some months contain five weeks as opposed to the usual four, we do not pro-rate for holidays or inclement weather. If the student joins mid-month, tuition will be pro-rated for that month. All registration is done online and we recommend that you choose AutoPay so monthly tuition is automatically deducted from your checking account or charged to your credit card on or around the first of each month. If you do not choose AutoPay, it will be your responsibility to sign into your account on the first of each month to manually pay your tuition. A $25 late/NSF fee will be added for any payment that does not process within the first week of each month. The tuition and late fee must be paid within the first week of the month for the dancer to continue participating in class. You may also pay by cash or check to the front desk the first week of the month. Tuition, registration fees, and late fees are non-refundable.

Private Lessons:

Private lessons must be paid by credit card, cash, or check made out to Pulse Dance Studio at the beginning of the lesson. This is non-refundable once the private lesson has been given.

Summer Session:

Pulse Dance Studio will have summer camps and a smaller summer session during the months of July and August. The summer schedule and cost will be posted by May or June each year. It is recommended that dancers continue dancing over the summer to keep up their technique.


There are no refunds on classes the dancer missed, however they are encouraged to make up that class within a month’s time frame. Please notify the front desk of any absences before hand. Only the front desk can schedule a make up class. If classes are cancelled for any reason, there will be makeup classes scheduled.

Withdrawals and changing classes:

It is required that you give a 15-day notice if withdrawing from a class or canceling your account. Please submit it in writing to info@PulseDanceNW.com. If you plan to completely withdraw your student, be aware that if you wish to sign up your student at a later time another $25.00 registration fee will be charged to your account.  Changing a class can only be made by the front desk. We will need to get permission from all involved teachers. Class changes must also be made before choreography begins for the recital routines.

Studio Closures:

The studio will be closed the first week of July (summer break and 4th of July), Labor Day weekend (Sat.-Mon.), Halloween, Thanksgiving (Wed.-Sat.), winter break (follow Evergreen school district), spring break (follow Evergreen school district), and Memorial Day weekend (Sat.-Mon.). The tuition rates have these dates included. The dates of the studio closures are also listed on the website under Information in important dates. We encourage you to check the website calendar as this will be the most accurate schedule.

Class Placement:

Class placement is at the instructor’s discretion. We will place the dancer in the class that is the best and most appropriate for them. The dancer may need to move to a class that is less or more advanced than what they are originally assigned. Remember that the dancer will benefit the most from whatever class they are placed in.

Class Behavior:

We want the dancers to have an enjoyable time in class while gaining a productive learning experience. We ask that the following reasonable rules and standards are followed:

• Arrive to class on time, dressed and ready to go.

• Be ready to work hard, have a great attitude, and pay attention to and respect teachers.

• Follow the dress code.

• No gum, food, or drinks in class. Water is permitted.

Failure to follow rules may result in being dismissed from class or removed completely.

Dress Code:

Combo Dance Classes:

Girls must wear any color leotard and tights with an optional skirt and pink leather ballet shoes. Boys must wear a t-shirt with comfortable pants and black leather ballet shoes. Black tap shoes are required for the tap portion. Hair must be up and out of the face.


Girls must wear a black leotard with pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes. A ballet skirt is optional. Hair must be up in a bun. Boys must wear a white shirt with black dance pants and black leather ballet shoes.

Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Modern, Tap, and Technique, Acro, and Stretch:

Girls must wear a leotard or tight fitting top with dance pants or shorts with tights. Boys must wear comfortable pants and t-shirt. Leather slip on jazz shoes or dance paws for Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, and Technique. Black tap shoes must be worn for tap. Hair must be up and out of the face.


Students must wear comfortable clothing with non-marking athletic shoes.

Recital and Class Pictures:

Pulse Dance Studio will hold an annual recital that takes place in June. Students may join our studio at any time of the year but will not be able to participate in the recital if joining after February 1st. All classes will begin learning their routine in January which will utilize the skill and technique they have learned throughout the year. A $50-$100 costume fee per class (depending on the costume chosen) will be due in February. All tuition and fees must be paid in full in order to participate in the annual recital. We will take class pictures within the month prior to the recital.

Conventions, Performances, and Other Events:

We will have many opportunities throughout the year to travel to dance conventions, perform in the community, or participate in other events. We will post information for all activities on the website and send out emails. We encourage everyone to participate, as it is great for the dancers to have these kinds of experiences. If there is a fee for the activity, it will need to be paid in full prior to the event, in order to participate.

Pulse Performing Company:

Students who are interested in competitive dance may audition for the Pulse Performing Company. Auditions are in July or August each year.  We will select groups in different styles such as Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acro, and Musical Theater. These groups will be broken down into different age groups. You will have the choice of which styles you would like to audition for and how many groups you can be a part of if selected. Competitive solos, duets, and trios are also an option for dancers that make it on a group. You will need to let us know if you are interested in doing a solo or being a part of a duet/trio at the audition. Once selected for the Pulse Performing Company, we will require that you be committed the entire season. Please contact us for all the details if you are interested.